Best way to spend time with your 6-month-old baby


Best way to spend time with your 6-month-old baby:
As we all grow, we came to know that the infant and their world are all different from ours.
The similarity is that they also know to respond and react to activities.
One can do better that matters in nurturing a baby and its activity when he or she is 6 months old.
The best possible way to spend time with your baby is now, you can explore a new experience of being a mom with your baby.
The activities well defined for a 6-month-old can be simple and playful.
You have to stimulate and concentrate on the baby’s activities which can nurture the baby’s physical, social, development, along with mental and emotional development.

Baby starts rolling and chewing at this age, you have to be a little precautious for their rolling and chewing habits.
Rolling back – Babies start rolling on their back.
Moving forward and backward with the help of his tummy.
Rising on knees and rocking back and forth.
Movement related and interactive activities begin at this age, you should nurture the activities of your kid.

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Time spending activities for a 6-month old

  • Reading– Slowly with adding gestures and emotions, Skills developed– language grasping and sensory development
  • Clapping– it gives the baby immense joy, and it is also like an exercise
  • Talking– strike a conversation with your baby, the baby responds with laugh Skills developed– enhance baby’s language and listening skills
  • Singing– lullaby singing is like therapy, music heals this applies for babies also, that’s why they sleep after a lullaby
  • Peekaboo– this activity introduces the baby in an interactive way,
    hide your face with hands and then slowly remove them, babies love to react with a laugh

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