Satish Sadhguru Ji Maharaj – A True Shiva Devotee and Katha Vachak

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Satish Sadhgurunath Ji Maharaj, a renowned religious teacher and guru, has been spreading
the message of living a life of purpose through his shiv bhakti. In Hinduism, it is believed that
life has a greater purpose beyond materialistic pursuits and that one’s existence should serve a higher cause. Sadhgurunath Ji Maharaj emphasizes this message in his teachings to help people lead a stress-free life and find true happiness through just worshipping of lord shiva.

The Ultimate Goal is peace and happiness

According to Sadhgurunath Ji Maharaj, the ultimate goal of human life is to gain peace and happiness or Moksha. He believes that this can only be achieved by living a life of purpose and meaning while giving your soul a very calm and successful life. Sadhgurunath Ji Maharaj teaches that the path to liberation involves self-realization, which can be achieved through meditation, devotion, and selfless service.

100+ Katha on live Televisions

Shri Satish Sadguru Ji Maharaj has done 100 + live katha on lord Shiva on many Big TV channels like Sanskar and Aastha. He is spreading awareness of a healthy life and spiritual life through the way of shiv bhakti.

Popularity of Satish sadhguru Ji Maharaj

Satish sadguru Ji Maharaj public profile he does live katha on all social media platforms like Facebook and youtube and also instagram. He is a very popular astrologer on Instagram with 200k followers and he has followers of 2500000 people on all across social media platforms.

Selfless Service to Others

Sadguru Ji Maharaj is doing social services through gaushala and food distribution. His foundation is continuously doing charity for society.

Final Goal of Sadhguru Ji’s life

Sadguru Ji Maharaj final Goal to teach the life of lord Shiva. Because according to him this is the only way to get a stressless and successful life.

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